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Teeth Whitening Powder

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Safe, effective and easy to use, our Teeth Whitening Powder has been specially formulated using the latest innovative ingredients to help remove stubborn stains and leave you with a smooth, fresh, dentist-clean smile.

  • Removes Stains
  • Peroxide-Free Formula
  • No Harmful Abrasives
  • Safe for Enamel and Gums
  • Suitable for Sensitive Teeth
  • Fights Bacteria for a Healthier Mouth
  • Whiten Teeth in the Comfort of your Own Home
  • Mint Flavour for Fresher Breath


Our Teeth Whitening Powder has been carefully developed to help combat stubborn stains caused by everyday lifestyle choices including tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco, leaving you with a brighter, whiter, healthier smile. Safe, effective and easy to use alongside your usual toothbrush routine, Polished London’s fast-acting Teeth Whitening Powder is specially created without the use of harmful abrasives. Our enamel-safe formula gently cleans the teeth, leaving a dentist-smooth feel, with zero teeth sensitivity.


Teeth Whitening Powder Contents:

25g Teeth Whitening Powder

Safety Advice:

Do not use this product if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are suffering from any existing dental concerns like ulcers, exposed gums or disease
  • You have overly sensitive teeth and mouth/oral tissues
  • Your teeth are decaying or loose

Please check the ingredients list if you have any known allergies. If irritation occurs; stop using the treatment and thoroughly rinse any remaining product from your teeth and gums. This product is not to be swallowed and is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 16. This product should only be used to whiten teeth. Contains strontium chloride.

Directions for Use

How to use our Teeth Whitening Powder for the best results

Dampen your toothbrush with water and then dip the head into the powder, covering the bristles evenly. Then simply brush your teeth for two minutes and rinse well.

For optimal and noticeable results, pay particular attention to the front teeth while brushing. You can use the powder to brush once a day for a maximum of 14 days and then revert to 3-4 times a week for maintenance whitening.




Does teeth whitening powder work?

Yes, our teeth whitening powder really works and is clinically proven. While lighter shades may be visible after just a few days, for optimal results we recommend following the full 14-day treatment plan. Your whiter smile can then be maintained by using the product 2 or 3 times a week.

Can I use this product during pregnancy?

No, we do not recommend using teeth whitening powder if you are pregnant, however we can recommend the following suitable products to help whiten your smile every time you brush: Aloewhite mouthwash, Ultrawhite toothpaste, Charcoal mouthwash or the whitening paste.

Can I use teeth whitening powder if I'm breastfeeding?

No, we do not recommend using this product if you are breastfeeding, however we can recommend the following suitable products as part of your usual brushing routine: Aloewhite mouthwash, Charcoal mouthwash, Ultrawhite toothpaste or the whitening paste.

Who can use the teeth whitening powder?

This product can only be used by those who are aged 16 or above, however, we can recommend the following products: Aloewhite mouthwash, Charcoal mouthwash, Ultrawhite toothpaste or the whitening paste.

What is the fastest way to whiten my teeth?

We recommend using the whitening powder treatment and then following up with the teeth whitening strips for the fastest whitening results.

Is the whitening powder safe to use?

Our teeth whitening powder is very simple to use, completely safe and clinically proven. The process has no negative side effects and when used with your regular toothbrush according to the instructions, it can effectively remove staining and whiten your teeth without causing any pain or sensitivity.

Can teeth whitening powder damage my enamel?

No, this product is a completely safe treatment. Polished London products are not damaging or harmful to teeth as we don't incorporate any abrasives or harmful chemicals into our products and only use ingredients that do not damage the tooth enamel.

How does the powder whiten teeth?

Unlike some other tooth powders which remove stains with the use of abrasion, this product gently and safely removes staining thanks to a key active ingredient - Pentasodium Triphosphate. This clinically proven ingredient works by gently oxidising stubborn stains from the surface of the teeth, leaving them cleaner, whiter and visibly brighter.

Will teeth whitening powder make my teeth sensitive?

No, you won't develop any sensitivity from using the teeth whitening powder.

How long does it take to see results?

Many of our customers notice a difference immediately after the first couple of treatments, as the powder works almost immediately by breaking down the surface stains caused by certain foods, drinks and tobacco use. However, for best results, we recommend using the whitening powder when you brush daily for 14 days and then maintain your results by brushing with the product 2-3 times a week.

Can I use teeth whitening powder if I have composite bonding?

Yes, composite bonding dental restorations can still develop stains caused by the food and drinks we choose, so the whitening powder is a great product to use to effectively remove these stains with the help of your usual toothbrush, and will help to keep your composite bonding whiter and looking fresher for longer.

Can I use the powder if I have sensitive teeth?

Yes, this product is completely safe to use even if you have existing sensitivity.;

Do you test your products on animals?

No, we do not test any of our products on animals and we are proud to be globally recognised as a Peta approved brand, our entire product range is Vegan-friendly.

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