Why is a Retainer Cleaner important?

Why is a Retainer Cleaner important?

Retainers are an important dental appliance for many and should be taken care of properly. A retainer cleaner is essential to maintain oral health and ensure that the retainer remains in good condition. 

A retainer cleaner is important not only for removing bacteria but also to remove any unpleasant odour that can occur with long-term wear. Regularly cleaning retainers will keep them looking their best and ensure longevity. Retaining good oral hygiene should be a priority even when wearing a retainer, so make sure to include a retainer cleaner as part of your dental care routine.

Why should I use Invisalign Cleaners?

Invisalign cleaners safely clean retainers without harming the trays or the aligner material. Invisalign cleaners can help to remove bacteria and debris while also helping to reduce odour so that your mouth feels fresh and clean after wearing Invisalign. In addition, Invisalign cleaners can help protect the trays from discolouration due to tartar build up or other staining agents.

By using Invisalign cleaners, you can be sure that your retainer is as healthy and hygienic as possible. Regular use of Invisalign cleaners will ensure that your Invisalign retainers remain in good condition for years to come.


Are there fast and convenient Invisalign cleaners?

Yes! Polished London's Hydro XP Dental Capsule is a fast and convenient retainer cleaner. It is an efficient way to clean and sterilise dental aligners, retainers, dentures and mouthguards by using the latest in advanced dental cleaning technology and without the use of chemicals. 


Most Retainer and Invisalign Cleaners look out of place in my home, does the Hydro XP Dental Capsule?

We don't think so! Not only does the dental capsule use advanced technology and is clinically proven to destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria in just five minutes, it has also been designed to look good on your bedside table. 


How does the Hydro XP Dental Capsule work?

The cleaning action works by generating a high ultrasonic frequency, producing millions of microscopic bubbles which powerfully remove food debris and plaque.

This retainer cleaner offers an even deeper level of cleaning via the use of Ultraviolet-C, which effectively destroys the bacteria which can accumulate on your dental wear.


What Cleaners are safe for Invisalign?

The Hydro XP Dental Capsule cleans gently and effectively without using harmful chemicals or abrasive agents during the cleaning cycle so it will not damage your appliances.


Do I need to use any other cleaning products to ensure hygiene?

No, our not only delivers a powerful clean using ultrasonic waves, it also utilises advanced technology to deliver full sterilisation using UV-C light technology, which destroys 99.9% of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

If you're looking for a fast and convenient retainer cleaner that looks good in the home, then the Polished London's Hydro XP Dental Capsule should be considered.


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